Health Creation Mentoring

If you are recovering from an illness , or know you need to make lifestyle changes to help prevent ill health then this is a great way to be supported in that.
Just like working with a life coach or a personal trainer, The Health Creation Programme is a series of regular sessions, where you assess aspects of your life, and then with a gentle enquiry and questions from me, we explore how best to put in place the things which will support you to lead the fullest, healthiest life you desire, which hopefully over time will completely change your life’s trajectory!

This is a holistic approach where we look at 12 different areas of your life, beginning to make changes and bring in support where needed, to address all areas of health and wellbeing.

Being Healthy is not just about exercise and diet – although those are important factors, but in fact our wellbeing can be influenced and affected by many different areas and aspects.

Through engaging with the Health Creation Programme, you will be invited to look at the following areas and create your very own Picture of Health, which we will use to track and inspire you along the way, to make clear and achievable goals, and build into your life the things which really make a difference.
The 12 Health Creation Principles we will explore are:

  1. Food
  2. Exercise
  3. Detox
  4. Stress
  5. Relationships
  6. Emotions
  7. Being true to yourself
  8. Energy
  9. Spiritual Connection
  10. Your Space
  11. Your Communities
  12. The Natural world