Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy

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What is Body Psychotherapy?

Body Psychotherapy seeks to address difficulties across the levels of body, mind and soul; including the body within psychotherapy provides both a route to explore what is held in the unconscious and a resource for healing and support.

Emotional difficulties are often experienced powerfully in the body, through disturbed energy levels, chronic tensions or unexplained symptoms. Yet these physical disturbances can feel disconnected from a clear emotional source, hard to make sense of and can be unsettling. Influenced by humanistic and analytic perspectives and research from neuroscience, body psychotherapy recognises the impact of both historical and recent stresses on the functioning of the body/mind system.

As with all approaches of counselling and psychotherapy, a body psychotherapist offers a supportive, non-judgmental relationship and will draw upon body orientated approaches alongside offering you space to talk and reflect. This may include encouraging a deepening of awareness of breath, sensation, exploring image or working with movement and touch. Listening to the body’s expression can bring new insights and create internal shifts, so that old patterns of holding, breathing and relating can give way an easier relationship with yourself and a greater sense of wellbeing.

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