Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a relatively new complementary therapy to the UK, it is a non-invasive hands-on method that treats a wide range of conditions from muscular aches and pains through to migraines and fibromyalgia. This gentle yet affective therapy focuses on trigger point areas of the body that stimulates a nervous response to release pain and tension in the tissue, promotes healing and re-balances the body.

The key principle behind the Bowen Technique focuses on the musculoskeletal framework and the fascia (connective tissue), which surrounds every cell, organ, muscle fibre and it is continuous from head to toe. If this tissue is restricted in any way an imbalance is caused within the body, which in turn creates an imbalance within the skeletal system causing compensation of the body’s ability to function correctly, and in time creates stiffness, muscle fatigue and even injury.

This therapy treats the whole person, not just the conditions, therefore it is a long lasting treatment. Most conditions respond to Bowen within 2-3 sessions offering pain relief and discomfort.

The Bowen Technique has made a big impact across the field of physical therapy, especially in the sporting field for prevention and rehabilitation of injury.

The Bowen Technique can have success with:

Muscle discomfort (aches / stiffness / sensitivity / fatigue)
Shoulder restriction
Migraines / headaches
Jaw complaints
Cramp / spasms
Tight hamstrings
Sporting injuries
Poor balance / posture
General well being