Brandon Bays Journey Therapy

Brandon Bays Journey Therapy is a deeply transformational talking therapy designed to get to the root of any unresolved physical or emotional problem in order to heal. It is based on the scientific knowledge that emotions affect the body physiologically and often the key to resolving issues is to address the emotional cause.

The therapy was pioneered by Brandon Bays as a result of her own healing journey from a football-sized tumour. During a massage she spontaneously gained access to a traumatic childhood memory involving her father. After gaining some insight she was able to forgive him and over the following six and a half weeks the tumour gradually softened and disappeared.

The journey process is designed to elicit the significant memory or memories in connection with whatever issue is being presented and then several different techniques are used to gain further insights and re-frame the memory. The aim is to change conditioned responses stemming  from the unconscious mind to more healthy ones and also to facilitate total authentic forgiveness in order to heal.

There is a specific process designed to address phobias involving certain N.L.P techniques which is extremely quick and effective.

Journey Massage is also an option. This is essentially a journey therapy with the addition of massage. The person receiving the journey massage is guided through the process whilst lying on a couch and as the process unfolds various parts of the body will often signal that they need to be massaged. This is incredibly healing and helps the body to release the stored trauma.

Children also respond well to journey work and they can be given a process from the age of five upwards. For very young children the process is offered in a fairy tale style which fully engages them and they usually participate with great enthusiasm.
Journeys can be given by telephone or skype very effectively if travelling is an issue.