The Practice Rooms

Here at The Practice Rooms we hope to offer two things.

Firstly, convenient, easy, beautiful rooms for therapists to build and sustain their practice, whilst at the same time benefitting from being part of a larger, supportive, therapeutic community.

Secondly a place where those in need of therapy and therapists can easily access them. We actively seek to promote this work generally, advertising workshops and raising awareness of what therapists are offering.

We are commercially, philosophically and ethically committed to a win/win model, as we see it as the only sustainable path, and all our dealings are informed by, and accountable to, this vision.

All practitioners working at The Rooms have provided evidence of their professional accountability and indemnity and are committed to best practice and the maintenance of high standards. However, we are not in a position to professionally validate any of the practitioners working from the Rooms or appearing on this website. Clients and patients must satisfy themselves as to the therapists bona fides and as they deem necessary contact their accrediting organisation.