Coming Home – Constellations Camp

Coming Home

Embracing the Soul’s Longing

Constellations Camp 


Barbara Morgan


August 14  – 18 2017



Constellations Camp

Farleigh Hungerford, Somerset

14 – 18 August 2017

There is a paradigm shift happening in human consciousness. Gradually our eyes are opening to the fact that our old dualistic, individualistic approach to life is no longer sustainable. We are being compelled to take a more systemic approach and see that everyone and everything are inter-connected. Constellation work has a significant role to play in this paradigm shift.

Camping together, close to nature and to each other, greatly enhances the work and provides nourishment for the soul. There is also time for quiet reflection, immersion in nature, meditation, yoga, movement and singing.

The week begins with a talking circle at 10 am on Monday morning and ends in the same way beginning at 2pm on Friday. You may arrive any time after 2pm on Sunday and leave by 5pm on Friday evening.

Barbara is one of the most experienced people working with Constellations in the UK. Editor of the International Constellations Journal, The Knowing Field,  Barbara offers workshops, training and supervision in this new approach to working with personal and family issues.

Price £150 in advance (£165 on the gate subject to availability)

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