Time for Social Dreaming

Time for Social Dreaming


The Holburne Museum, Bath

May 6th 2017

10.00am – 4.30pm

Lunch is included

Hosts: Ray Brown, Sue Krzowski and Sue Walker

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists

For many thousands of years, the recounting and sharing of dreams within

social groups has been highly valued and a force for community cohesion. In

modern society, there is an ever increasing emphasis on the ‘I’ and not the

‘We.’ We have lost the opportunity for a creative encounter through sharing

dreams to discover the connections that exist between us, shared meanings

and original thoughts. Now, we often find our transitional spaces, spaces for

imagination and creativity, in the Arts, where we may not be able to contribute

as individuals. In Social Dreaming everyone is invited to share dreams and

free associate to the dreams that emerge. Something unique is created in this

process, called a Matrix. The aim of the meeting is to create, explore and

relate to the Matrix where the unthought knowns can be found. Join us for a

day of Social Dreaming.

Tickets £50

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