Healing Helps Us To Explore Our Full Potential

By Hannah Pearson

In this article, the healer and shamanic practitioner Hannah Pearson explores the links between well-being and self-development.

Hannah Pearson_ReikiAfter the initial shock of discovery, challenging life experiences or health issues can incite us to reflect on our path. With insight and guidance, a difficulty can be turned into an opportunity. By opening ourselves to healing we develop compassion and self-awareness. We can then embrace these resources, allowing more fullness and joy in ourselves and our lives.

In nature a tree needs strong roots as well as the right external conditions in order to flourish. We are similar: our personal growth, well-being and happiness depend on our ability to accept the abundant nourishment around and within us. The flow of nourishment can become blocked, for instance by old emotions, physical or emotional trauma, or inherited limiting patterns. By recalibrating and nurturing our energy systems we can create the conditions we need to reach our full potential.  When our energy flows in an unlimited and natural way, we are liberated mentally and physically, and in our external lives. Family, work, relationships and our creativity then reflect this freedom. When there is spaciousness in our internal landscape we can hear and be guided by our own innate wisdom.

Movement for real change and growth comes very much from the centre and not through superficial forceful action. I saw this clearly while leading treks in the Indian Himalayas many years ago. I was able to witness an exquisite two-fold journey: a physical journey dictated by the environment, and an inner journey of personal transformation. Typically, people would begin the trek with a huge amount of effort and determination. They’d be working really hard to meet the challenges of walking up the mountain. Yet, by about the third day, they would collapse, crying “I just can’t go on!”, ready to give up the journey they had planned and longed for.  This was, in my view, because of the Western perspective of wilful effort they’d been accustomed to. Up until that point in their lives, the energy they’d known and been using was an energy of forceful pushing, of applying one’s limited human physical and psychological forces against the external world. But strangely enough, once that had broken down, and they’d accepted that they just did not have what it took to continue the uphill battle, their outlook would change, leaving space for a completely different way of being and of interacting with the land. By stripping away their conditioning and all the stresses of constantly fighting against odds, they’d come back to their core selves and discover that it didn’t have to be a battle after all. At this crucial point, when they’d given up forceful action and had found their centre, they’d discover a subtle, more feminine yet powerful inner strength.

This process of yielding and unfolding is one that I encounter in my work as a healer. I help my patients to reconnect with their natural state of well-being. As the layers of habit and conditioning dissolve, people typically enjoy an exhilarating spaciousness in their centre, and discover strength and stability. Inspiration, creativity and joy naturally follow, in all their different forms.

Trust and safety comes with being connected to our selves, from truly inhabiting our bodies, and being able to feel totally engaged with our own movements, both physical and emotional. This feeling emerges when limitations and blocks in our energy are cleared, and space is created.

During a healing session my hands are held slightly over the patient’s body and I also use my voice, breath and intention. During the initial consultation I will spend time taking a full case history. At our first session I will usually start by clearing what I call ‘surface tension’. This is the tension of day to day stresses and strains. It is only after clearing this and bringing back a sense of stability that we focus on releasing blockages at a deeper level. Physical diseases that manifest in the body can often turn out to be a contraction of energy that hasn’t been released properly. Very often, people come to see me with something very practical and easy for them to talk about, such as back pain or a sore shoulder.  It is not unusual to find that the pain is the manifestation of unresolved issues that have buried themselves deeply in the body. For example: a traumatic relationship, an accident, something unresolved in their ancestry, or addiction. Some patients may only need one treatment, whereas others may need five or six, or a longer course. This form of healing is very straightforward and effective, and I particularly love reaching the session where we recognise that my work is complete. 

Healing can safely and naturally bring about a process of transformation. By combining my own intuitive techniques, three different lineages of Reiki (Usui, Tibetan and Karuna), and my training in other disciplines, I create a safe, grounded space to facilitate spiritual, physical and emotional growth and wellness. 

R60mr6kLn2do3qTGbj8mu2SD9_3fIQuNSUpyPOl6sVoAbout Hannah Pearson:

Hannah is a healer, Reiki master teacher and shamanic practitioner offering treatments from The Practice Rooms in Exeter and Bath, and from Leatside doctors surgery in Totnes. Consultations are also available via Skype. For more information please visit www.hannahpearsonhealer.com or contact Hannah at hannahsrpearson@gmail.com.

Hannah also creates effective remedies using wild medicine plants. For more information please visit www.gentlegreen.co.uk


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