Massage: Traditional Thai

Massage: Traditional Thai

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What is Traditional Thai Massage?

‘Nuad Thai’ (Thai massage) or ‘Nuad Paan Boran’ (Ancient Thai massage) , are names for Traditional healing, which have been practiced in Thailand for centuries. Based on a combination of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga, the techniques have been passed down through the ages from teacher to teacher. The walls of the famous ‘Wat Po’ Temple in the heart of Bangkok are adorned with reliefs outlining these ancient arts. It is practiced widely across Thailand and is considered a way of life.

Thai massage mainly follows the 10 ‘Sen’ or Energy lines within the body. Sen lines are similar to Chinese Meridian lines.

The massage practitioner can use a combination of hands, elbows, knees and feet. The massage follows a standard procedure where rhythmic pressure is applied to the whole body.

Thai massage is practiced on a comfortable mat placed on the floor. The recipient wears loose comfortable clothes and traditionally no oils are used. However, poultices or balms can be included. The recipient is then placed into various positions on their back, sides and front and some basic yoga-like stretches are performed during the massage. A calm atmosphere is created to help the recipient relax and ensure the full benefit of the massage is enjoyed.

Thai massage helps to release tension in the body and also aims to keep joints flexible. By using these techniques, Thai massage helps to bring balance to the body, stimulates blood circulation and leaves the recipient with a sense of well being.