Our Philosophy

The vision behind The Practice Rooms is the desire to put psychotherapists and counsellors and complementary and holistic therapists where we believe we should be – in beautiful rooms in prime, visible locations in an environment that reflects the serious commitment we make hour after hour to the health and wellbeing of our clients.

We support new practitioners with low start-up costs and a roving, open booking system for flexibility to build a client base; we also give established practitioners an affordable and secure place to work.

We also believe that we thrive best when working as a community, however we might choose to understand that. Getting to know and trust colleagues in an environment that nurtures mutually supportive relationships and offers clients the possibility of a multi-disciplinary approach to their issues has to be a positive force for all concerned.

Code of conduct

We believe that the therapeutic workplace is a sacred space that needs to be safeguarded by all practitioners working within a disciplined practice. We have drawn up a simple code of conduct that seeks to articulate a basic framework that all practitioners agree to abide by.

With no receptionist, the rooms work on the basis of practitioners taking a responsibility for their workplace themselves. We believe that this is part of the development of a community that exists on mutual trust and shared responsibility. It also requires therapists to respect the space and ensure that it is left at least in the state they found it… if not better!