The Poetry Corner

Late Fragment by Raymond Carver

This poem was kindly contributed by Morwenna Lewis for this issue of Perspectives. She explains its special significance to her: 

“I have chosen this very short poem by Raymond Carver, as it so simply touches into the heart of psychotherapy as I see it… To offer love to another, that they can take into themselves, so that they can come to believe they are truly loveable. This is the healing I know from my own experience, and is the essence of what I hope to offer in my practice. When I get worried about not knowing enough theory, not remembering my client’s story well enough or any of the other failings I might berate myself with, I can come back to the simple idea that in the end it’s all about love.”

Morwenna LewisMorwenna Lewis is in her third year of training at BCPC, on the Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy MA. She has a particular interest in nature connection, and is looking to integrate aspects of positive psychology as her practice develops. She works mainly from the Bath Practice Rooms.


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