Rosen Method Bodywork

Where has Rosen Method come from?

Rosen Method has been developed by a German-born physiotherapist called Marion Rosen who is  recognised as a pioneering leader in the field of body-oriented therapies. Her work has come out of over 70 years of clinical experience and she was still teaching and practising until the age of 97.


What is Rosen Method?

Rosen practitioners uses a gentle touch that “listens” rather than manipulates and focuses on where someone is holding tension in their body. Rather than trying to “fix the problem”, Rosen Method explores what is underlying the tension – why has this person learnt to hold themselves in this way?

Over the years, we may have felt that our spontaneous feelings and expression were not acceptable, so we learnt to keep certain parts of ourselves back, down or in, burying them deep inside through muscular tension. This can be reflected in our posture, our gestures, and in turn is reflected in how we are in life.

Within a session

Practitioner’s hands are soft and open and have an enquiring quality, they feel for where someone is tense and restricted in their body and go in to “meet” them at that place where they hold.

The quality of the touch is patient and respectful, there is no trying to do or change anything, just simply reminding the muscles that they are holding. As they begin to relax and tension starts to melt, there can be a sense of “dropping in” and from this place, feelings and emotions can emerge.

Practitioners may use words to reflect back how they are experiencing someone’s body and because the insight is gained through the hands, the words can come from a very deep place often reaching to the core of an issue so assisting unconscious memories to come through to someone’s conscious awareness.

Rosen Method allows individuals to relax into themselves and connect to their own inner strength giving a new possibility of choice in their lives. As a result, many report increased self-confidence and vitality and say that they are able to re-set their priorities and make positive changes. It offer a safe way of opening up and re-connecting, not only to the self but to others too.

Rosen Method can assist with:

Deep relaxation and release of physical tension and pain
Lessening stress
Reconnecting to inner resources and increasing awareness of one’s full potential
Encouraging a more fulfilling relationship with self and others
Rediscovering creativity and passion for life
Spiritual connection and opening

As tension and memories release I find myself crying tears that have for so long begged for expression. I find myself sharing memories and feeling feelings as they effortlessly dislodge from their hiding places. As these long forgotten parts of myself show up I feel a tremendous sense of tender reconnection to myself and with that the relief and certainty that I don’t need to look anywhere but deeply within for that true connection.  Even the most traumatic of memories seem to find their way ‘out’ into the care and safety of both my own and Debbie’s presence. The process feels miraculous and at the same time so completely natural….. “