Spiritual Counselling

What is Spiritual Counselling? 
Spiritual counselling takes the soul rather than the mind as it’s starting point. It has an expanded view of life, recognising that the world is a complex mystery and takes into account belief systems, personal energy systems, subconscious states of awareness, spiritual theology, spiritual presence and higher self connections.
Spiritual counselling sees that life is personal and each individual wants to build their own flowing relationship with themselves and others, without force. In spiritual counselling we show compassion for the self and others whilst working towards personal and collective growth. The aim is for clients to express themselves and their world with intimate wisdom, spiritual awareness and personal authenticity, using integrity and wise use of their spiritual gifts, skills and knowledge.
Spiritual counsellors need a cross cultural awareness and an understanding around spiritual emergency and other issues of spirituality. They recognise they are committed to a spiritual journey in their own lives and the lives of others. By focusing on their core inner connection and a mindfulness state, they create a holding and sacred space for the personal unfoldment of their clients.
In Spiritual Counselling the emphasis is on dealing with the whole person and assisting the client with however the symptoms appear. Each client is seen as an individual and sessions are non-prescriptive and individually tailored. The counsellor responds to immediate issues brought by the client, and supports and trusts the clients process.